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Pregnancy is not an appropriate ...

Most recent news revealed that a female photographer who was stated by her employer that it would...

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New and effective diagnostic tes...

Researchers have successfully discovered a dengue diagnostic kit to be far more effective in prod...

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Check Your Pregnancy in Complete...

Checking for pregnancy is a good option to satisfy you mentally and to prepare for those nine spe...

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Precautions While Travelling To ...

This guideline is in response to the events that happened with a 22 year old young man returning ...

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Medical Applications For Smartph...

With increasing popularity of mobile applications, developers are now putting in their efforts an...

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Malaria Experimental Genetics

Malaria experimental genetics – 2014 would be held at Welcome Trust Genome Campus, Llanelli, UK

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Africa Health

Africa in contribution to the world has organized numerous events in health and care for past 3 y...

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Annual Advances in the Diagnosis...

Rheumatism is major health concern especially in old age and for people suffering from diabetes w...

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Malaria Policy Advisory Committe...

World Health Organization, the supreme authority when it comes down to health and medicine is abo...

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Arizona Health & Fitness Expo

Arizona Health and Fitness Expo will be held for a time of three days in Phoenix, United States O...

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Company Introduction

Early Pregnancy Test Kit Manufacturer & Supplier

Being a leading medical products manufacturer we have at our best put all our efforts to innovate and research to drive the health and medical industry to meet new edge of the technological world, further EGENSDIAGNOSTICS have been enthusiastic to broaden its vision in total quality management plus research and development to increase the output efficiency in best interest of the worldwide customers to be served.

Our high quality products are the benchmark of our name, we have been widely acknowledged and promoted amongst the best wholesalers and markets with our most reasonable pricing, high quality and best effective results in home health care products.

EGENSDIAGNOSTICS have achieved many quality certifications in strive to give our ultimate customers and worldwide market a trustworthy sign and to present them the confidence that they seek.


EGENSDIAGNOSTICS is one of the leading organizations in the medical diagnostic device manufacturing, we are a well reputed association committed to provide quality aesthetic and we have been providing accurate results as our products are diagnostic kits including early pregnancy test kit, drug abuse test kit, malaria test kit and many other medical test kits and personal care products as well.

EGENSDIAGNOSTICS have been providing quality and standardized products to the market since 14 years and have achieved excellence in the medical industry.

Leading Medical Gear Manufacturer

We have kept our aim spot on to become the true market leader of medical products, as a dedicated provider to the mankind for health undertakings, EGENSDIAGNOSTICS maintain the heritage of faithful philosophy as facilitating developer for the growth and betterment of the society by continuous research of quicker, more accurate, more convenient and more favorable products to show social care to the mass.

EGENSDIAGNOSTICS seek to become a leading model of its kind in the circle of diagnostic reagent sector, expecting to do more for social development and bring contribution benefits.

Total Quality Management

In determination to provide the best services to the customer, our commitment upon quality enhancement continuously improves our working methodologies and it also helps us to increase our skills, efficiency and go up service quality.

The bits and pieces that are used in our manufacturing equipments are totally ecological friendly and EGENSDIAGNOSTICS make sure that it cause no harm to the society.