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Most recent news revealed that a female photographer who was stated by her employer that it would...

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New and effective diagnostic tes...

Researchers have successfully discovered a dengue diagnostic kit to be far more effective in prod...

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Checking for pregnancy is a good option to satisfy you mentally and to prepare for those nine spe...

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Malaria Experimental Genetics

Malaria experimental genetics – 2014 would be held at Welcome Trust Genome Campus, Llanelli, UK

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Africa Health

Africa in contribution to the world has organized numerous events in health and care for past 3 y...

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Annual Advances in the Diagnosis...

Rheumatism is major health concern especially in old age and for people suffering from diabetes w...

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Malaria Policy Advisory Committe...

World Health Organization, the supreme authority when it comes down to health and medicine is abo...

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Arizona Health & Fitness Expo

Arizona Health and Fitness Expo will be held for a time of three days in Phoenix, United States O...

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Company Introduction

Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Early Pregnancy Test Kit & Drug Abuse Test Kit

Nantong Egens Bio Technology a reputed name of Chinese medical equipment company. Based in China EngensDiagnostics is currently leading the field of healthcare product manufacturing. EngensDiagnostics a well known brand throughout the globe provides high quality products to its valued customers. Company is well known throughout china as one of the best manufacturer & supplier of medical testing equipment due to its quality assured & cost effective products along with value added services.

Our devoted staff is working 24/7 to enhance product quality along with continuous technological enhancement to achieve greater heights. Our experienced research staff is motivated to enhance testing equipments quality through research & development which contributes towards not only our company’s advancement but towards Chinese medical equipment market as well.

Our Products

Despite of our featured products including Early Pregnancy Test Kit & Drug Abuse Test Kit our company focuses on wide variety of products which are most viable in terms of testing numerous conditions some of these products are listed below:

1. Malaria Test Kit

High quality malaria test kit is produced on large scale which contains efficiency & accuracy to detect even small amount of malaria symptom present within body.

2. Tumor Test Kit

Tumor Test Kit requires much effort while manufacturing as multiple tests are done on routine basis to avoid any inconvenience which may occur due to failure of kit.

3. Infection Test Kit
Infections Kit is supplied on large scale as normal consumer mostly prefer these to detect any infection present within body before consulting a doctor. Infection Kits are supplied to numerous Medical retailers throughout China.

4. Venereal Disease Test Kit
Supplied to various hospitals these Kits can easily & efficiently detect any venereal disease that may be present within your body.

5. Early Pregnancy Test Kit
Company produces some wide variety of early pregnancy test kit that is efficient & accurate to detect pregnancy conditions through numerous test samples such as urine, blood etc.

6. Drug Abuse Test Kit
Company mainly supplies wide variety of Drug Abuse Test Kit to numerous sports departments for dope tests.

Reliability in Testing

EGENSDIAGNOSTICS Custom Automated Visual Inspection has the capacity to distinguish item defects and shortcomings that are invisible to the naked eye, and can be customized to assess for a large number of item elements. Drug abuse test kit is a great verification of reliability as these are preferred by major sports departments both domestically & internationally.

Medical Component Verification

Process Validation is necessary for most Medical Device Manufacturing which includes major test kits to assure. EngensDiagnostics Process Validation guarantees that our medical manufacturing procedures are very repeatable and meet the control criteria laid out by the SFDA.

Quality Management

Quality has been a major asset for our company. Our dedicated staff thrives to serve the best service possible in terms of quality. Quality standards have been maintained through routine checks. Our standard operating procedures are updated timely to enhance quality rate which ultimately enhances our knowledge along with efficiency. Early pregnancy Test Kit is a good example of our quality assured products which is consumed on high scale throughout China.

Our manufacturing material is checked routinely to ensure that products are manufactured eco friendly & unharmful in terms of usage to avoid inconvenience of our valued consumers. In terms of quality major objective of our company is to achieve maximum level of consumer satisfaction.

Our Ambition

Our aim is to become the leading manufacturer of medical testing equipment not only within china but throughout the globe. Our company not only undertakes product development research but it contributes towards betterment of the society through numerous health & safety tips along with producing some high quality, efficient, cost effective, accurate & eco friendly products.
EgensDiagnostics in terms of productivity & services wants to become a role model for numerous other companies that are working in similar fields particularly within China.