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Drug Abuse Test Kit - Early Pregnancy Test Kit Manufacturer

About The Company:
NANTONG EGENS BIO TECHNOLOGY Manufacturer is one of the leading organizations in the medical diagnostic device manufacturing it is a well reputed organization committed to provide quality aesthetic and gives accurate results as their products are diagnostic kits including Early pregnancy test kit and drug abuse test kit, other medical test kits personal care products. It has been providing quality and standardized products to the market since, 14 years and has achieved excellence in the medical industry.

The company started off in 1999 with its aim to become the true market leader of medical products. As a dedicated provider to the mankind for health undertakings, the company maintains the heritage of faithful philosophy as facilitating developer for company's growth by continuous research of quicker, more accurate, more convenient and more favorable products to show social cares to the mass. The company seeks to become a leading model of its kind in the circle of diagnostic reagent sector, expecting to do more for social development and bring contribution benefits.

In determination to provide the best services to the customer, our commitment upon quality enhancement continuously improves our working methodologies and it also helps us to increase our skills, efficiency and go up service quality, to provide customers best ever services. We further entrust to provide continuously enrich R&D support to develop new products, to provide customers with what they need, what they deserve and what best explains their products which is an extra value added service for better interests in favor to customers.

Our company always strives to attain new technological advancements in order to have the first mover advantage and we use state-of-the-art technology in our equipments that guarantees the perfection of the results., we are looking forward to invest in the researchers, development in order to get the edge over our competitors our research development that are engaged in bringing-up in the latest and the best technology The material that we use in our machine is environmental friendly and can be recycled after it completes its period of usage.

Our products are widely acceptable in Hospitals, Skin Care Centers, Dermatology Centers & Clinics, Gymnasiums, Beauty Clinics, Salons and Spas. The product line which you can avail includes:

1.Early Pregnancy Test Kit

Early Pregnancy Test Kit ideal for detecting pregnancy at very early stages in the comfort and privacy of your home. There is almost no chance of false results if used correctly. They are easy to use and produce results in minutes.

2. Ovulation Test Kit

These kits are ideal for getting to know your fertile window or in other words the time when you are most likely to be fertile for getting pregnant.

3. Drug Abuse Test Kit

These kits are used to confirm or rule out the use of illegal and addictive drugs and pharmaceuticals by suspected patients, criminals, etc. They can be used by law enforcing agencies and rehabilitation centers as well.

4. Hepatitis A Test Kit

Just as the name suggest, these medical test kits are solely intended for the detection of hepatitis virus in suspected patients. Though Hepatitis A might not be as lethal as other types of hepatitis, these test kits surely shorten the treatment time.

5. Malaria Test Kit

Malaria test kit detect the presence of malarial virus in the blood stream. These kits rapidly detect patients infected from the virus. Only due to early diagnosis, malaria can be fought effectively.

6. Hepatitis B Test Kit

Although the best remedy against hepatitis B is to get vaccinated as this disease is highly transferable and can even lead to death. Hepatitis B test kits can efficiently detect the presence of HBV in suspected or infected patients.

7. H.Pylori Ag Test Kit

Helicobacter Pylori antigen test kits are used to for the conformity of positive or negative presence of H pylori infection. These test kits provide a speedy result for the absence or presence of helicobacter pylori infection.

8. H.Pylori Ab Test Kit

These test kits provide an easy, rapid and noninvasive method for the detection of Helicobacter pylori antibody. Urine is used as a sample for the detection of H.Pylori antibody.

He company has completed the certification of national in vitro diagnostic (IVD) reagents production quality manag...